Webinar 29.04: The law of Tellis and Tellis or the best way to get your brand through the recession.

Now the COVI-19 confinement measures are being eased, we can concentrate on phase two of this crisis: the recession.

It’s a severe economic crisis. According to the Bank of England, it’s the biggest crisis in 300 years.

In this webinar for Dentsu Amsterdam Wim Vermeulen talks about:

1. How to get your brand through the recession in the best possible way.
2. Why, as a brand marketer, you should take a minute before deciding to cut all budgets or shift the focus to short term activation. Wim talks about the Law of Tellis & Tellis and other research that might help to make the best decision for your brand.
3. How you can ensure your brand enters the recovery phase in the most effective way.

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