Hélène Bairiot on (D)OOH in a downturn

Out of home is touched at its core. The current situation leaves the streets empty as we are all required to stay home for our own good. The driving force of OOH, the mass audience, remains inside. But we’re getting closer to softer measures after almost two months at home. Recent studies have shown that consumers want to go out again, plan to stay in their own country for safety reasons and want to discover more of their own surroundings. With that in mind, Posterscope has done research on how OOH can help brands during a downturn.

Hélène Bairiot looked at what the impact is of cutting advertising spend in a downturn, revealing profits in the very short-term but more importantly a less profitable and weaker brand in the long term. To maintain the brand position or to come out even stronger of this crisis, investing and keeping up the communication is a must. OOH is an excellent medium to do so, as it boosts sales and branding and is an important partner when building brand trust.

More rationale on why and how OOH will help can be found in the deck below.