Our webinars so far

If you have missed some of our webinars so far, here is where to find them:

  • 02.04 – Crisis Time: in this first webinar, we considered what brands should focus on as we are in the middle of the crisis, depending on their ability to keep doing business.
  • 09.04 – Do good now to do well in the recession: in this second webinar, we discussed the strategy of brand generosity and covered the notion of Social License to Operate.
  • 16.04 – Advertising during CV19: in this third session, we talked about how to best communicate during the lockdown and what that means for both creative and media.
  • 23.04 – Back to Business: and last week, we talked about how brands should organise themselves for the moment when lockdown measures will start to be lifted, with some aspects of our lives going back to a more normal mode.

Below the four videos:


02.04 – Crisis Time:


09.04 – Do good now to do well in the recession:


16.04 – Advertising during CV19:


23.04 – Back to Business: